Strategic Advisory Services

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Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory Services

Wellesley Hills Financial’s fintech, payments and SaaS investment banking services solve for a wide array of owner and founder needs that arise throughout the corporate life-cycle – the needs and challenges of which the provisioning of growth capital, and targeted M&A, only partially apply.

As with our transactional services, Wellesley Hills Financial offers a range of strategic advisory and consultation services that draw on our almost 17 years of vertical specific expertise. Our unique understanding of the underlying technologies upon which our fintech, payments and SaaS clients have built their platforms provides the intellectual underpinnings for our advisory services. And the years of investment banking experience in these same verticals support our breadth of market knowledge, facilitating the most accurate analyses and sharpest insights.

Wellesley Hills Financial’s best-of-breed financial modeling, valuation work, and analytics provide our client-partners with powerful tools to navigate the current regime of heightened market volatility, both public and private.

From valuations to restructurings, fairness opinions to selecting the best capital structure, Wellesley Hills Financial’s strategic advisory services offer thoughtful recommendations with maximum optionality – the endgame being improved performance, consistent value creation, and accelerated growth for our clients.

Giving consideration to historical and forecasted business performance, along with current market sentiment, our team provides independent valuation analyses for businesses and individual assets for use in gift and estate planning, stock-based compensation, and dispute resolution applications.

  • Tax & Dispute Resolution
  • Valuation Opinion
  • Stock Based Compensation Valuation Opinion
  • Rights-of-First-Refusal Assessment

Increased scrutiny in today’s transactional and investment environment continues to require board members to be faithful to their fiduciary duties throughout the M&A process. Our fairness opinion service provides boards with the highest quality opinion of value to satisfactorily carry-out their duties, strengthening oversight and protecting shareholder value.

  • Management Buyout
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
  • Bankruptcy, Liquidation, or Restructuring