Investment Banking Services

Client-centric. Process-driven. Creative design.

Investment Banking Services

Transactional Advisory Services

Exits, Mergers and Add-ons through Strategic M&A. Access to Capital from top providers spanning the Capital Stack.

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Strategic Advisory Services

Pinpointing market position through investment grade Valuation Analysis. Fairness Opinions, Due Diligence and Restructuring Services.

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Process, Research & Creativity

Wellesley Hills Financial offers end-to-end investment banking services for owners and founders in fintech, payments, and tech-enabled SaaS. From exits to capital raises, both equity and debt, our mission is to provide clients with optimal outcomes as a function of stakeholder and shareholder objectives.

As all technology sectors enter a new cycle of heightened volatility, owners and founders must be nimble. In large part this requires being mindful of market positioning as a function of future performance and current valuation. This goes a long way toward ensuring the proper monetization of maturing assets and nurturing the growth of younger ones. Wellesley Hills Financial’s services address these needs through targeted M&A, and sourcing investment from a diverse and robust network of capital providers.

With a sharp focus on assets characterized by the front-end of the business life cycle – startup and growth – we approach each engagement with the thoughtful application of process, research, and creativity.

Wellesley Hill Financial’s fintech, payments, and SaaS services strictly conform to our mission of providing investment banking to, and for, a digital world.