Debt & Equity Recaps. Ownership Buy-outs.


Capital Restructuring 

  • Debt Recapitalizations
  • Equity Recapitalizations
  • Legacy Buy-outs
  • Venture Debt
  • Growth Equity
  • Succession Planning
  • Optimize Capital Efficiency

Wellesley Hills Financial delivers thoughtful restructuring and business transformation solutions that address the concerns of all stakeholders. We pride ourselves on being able to effectuate creative, timely solutions to maximize value for all parties. Through our well established relationships and years of experience, our polished team of financial experts excels in bringing new capital partners to the table and steering consensus among existing shareholders.

Practically speaking, financial restructuring can often be a painful process for ownership, and an uncomfortable period for stakeholders. The restructuring process is often the necessary redress for some form of business malady, whether that be slowing revenue growth, a failed product or service offering, declining profit margin, or the need to cash-out legacy, non-participating ownership. Whatever the reason, engaging an investment bank to work with management is an efficient means for analyzing the business’ needs, developing and modeling out viable pathways forward, and providing the capital and professional resources necessary to execute the plan.

Transaction Advisory and Restructuring

This is especially true of fintechs, payments, and SaaS firms which typically occupy the front-end of the business lifecycle as startups and high-growth companies. During these formative years, the most efficient capital can be a challenge to identify as the types and terms of available options don’t always align with what will be the business’ performance throughout the corporate maturation process. If and when capital efficiency deteriorates, whether caused by operational, market, or macro-economic factors, restructuring is usually the best solution. By way of example, oftentimes, in a rush to fund operations, young businesses will accept inefficient capital that retards growth and/or dilutes founders: expensive debt capital that depletes free cash flow or early venture equity that forces owners to sell more of the company than they should. 

The key to successful financial restructuring is being able to properly identify the causes, be thoughtful and creative about developing viable fixes, and competently effectuating the solution. Wellesley Hills Financial’s industry specific knowledge makes us a strong partner in the assessment and execution of this process.